Acura ZDX 5-DOOR Years

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Crossovers are popular because they're practical, but that doesn't mean drivers want to sacrifice looks for usefulness. The ZDX was introduced in 2010 to address these buyers, combining the underpinnings of the MDX with a sleek coupe body and a panoramic roof. Although praised for its styling, sales were slow, making it the rarest model Acura ever produced.

Common Issues with the Acura ZDX

Acuras are known for their quality, but there are some issues that owners encounter with this crossover coupe:

-The engine can run rough due to a failing EGR valve.

-The EVAP cannister solenoid can fail, making the engine harder to start.

-The exhaust system on high mileage vehicles can get noisy.

Why Use Genuine Acura ZDX Parts?

OEM parts are a great choice when repairing and maintaining your crossover for several reasons:

-They fit right because they're built specifically for your model.

-They use Acura's own designs to maintain quality.

-They keep your rare luxury vehicle original.

Find OEM Parts for Your Vehicle at carries everything OEM for your ZDX, including EGR valves, cannister solenoids and exhaust systems. We make finding the right part easy, letting you search based on your VIN, vehicle details, the part name and even the part number. We also have a factory-trained parts staff who can help you find the parts you need.