The Best Accessories for Your TL

Acuras are fantastic cars straight from the factory, and the TL sedan is no exception. However, new or old, there's a good chance you'll want to change something about your car. That's where accessories come in. We have parts for everything from the first sedans that rolled off the line back in 1998 to the final Special Editions that ended the line in 2013, letting you modify your car to look and work exactly how you want it to. Have an older TL with factory accessories? Years of salt air and Bay Area traffic can take its toll, but we carry the parts you need to fix them.

Why Use OEM Accessories Instead of Aftermarket Accessories?

Acura knows you may have some needs not covered by stock equipment, and you might want to do something to your car's appearance to help it stand out. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made by Acura and their partners specifically for your vehicle to let you modify your vehicle without ruining its quality, performance or styling. 

Styling may not be the first reason that comes to mind when buying these parts, unless you've had the misfortune of picking up a poorly modified car. The TL first entered the market in the late 90s. Giant chrome wheels, spinners and tall spoilers were in style and a lot of vehicles including these sports sedans were fitted with these parts. Today, these modifications look ridiculous, and they're usually the first things to be changed when someone buys a used Acura today. On the other hand, OEM modifications are built around your vehicle's styling to work with it. That means these additions look like they belong on the car, even if they were first built two decades ago. Whether you're modifying an older car or a late model, you know that using OEM accessories, you're choosing something that will always add to your vehicle's appearance.

There's also the question of quality. Acura puts their accessories through the same rigorous design and quality controls as the stock components, which means they're built to deliver the same reliability you expect from Honda's luxury brand. They're even backed by a warranty from Acura, so you know if there is a problem, it's easy to remedy. Need to fix an older accessory? While a replacement may no longer be available, Acura is surprisingly good at keeping hardware available for repairs.

What about installation? Aftermarket parts use a one-size-fits-all approach, so there's generally some modification needed to get a part to fit. This can range from being mildly frustrating when trying to change wheels to downright dangerous when an ill-fitting floor mat gets stuck beneath the pedals. A factory accessory is built specifically for your TL, so it will install directly to your vehicle without needing modification. Some exterior parts even come painted in factory colors, so they don't need to be prepped and painted before you put them on your car, saving you money in the long run.

What Kinds of Accessories Can I Get for My TL?

Like all Acuras, the TL is a driver's car, so Acura builds their accessories accordingly, letting you get the most out of your sedan.

Alloy Wheels

You can replace a damaged wheel, or choose a completely different set to change your vehicle's styling. Want to use different tires? There are different sizes available, including 18 and 19 inch rims for fourth generation (2009-2013) models.

Backup Sensor

Your sedan may not have included a backup sensor from the factory, but this safety technology can be added to your vehicle. You can also get individual parts to repair a previously installed system.

CD Changer

How good is Acura parts support? Most owners have moved from CDs to streaming audio from their smartphones, but if you have a classic TL, you can still get what you need to use the CD changer. That includes small parts like the disc magazine as well as complete changer units that can be mounted in the trunk and linked to the head unit using the factory wiring.

Engine Block Heater

NorCal may not be the first place you associate with winter weather, but we're more than familiar with cold weather when driving cars in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Whether you want an easy start to your morning hitting the slopes at the ski resort, or you have to deal with a frigid northern state daily commute, a block heater can make your life easier. This device plug into an electrical outlet and uses a heating element to warm the coolant. When you start your car, the pre-heated coolant gets the engine up to temperature quickly, letting it run better and deliver heat to the cabin sooner.

Floor Mats

This seemingly innocuous addition to your vehicle is no laughing matter. Replacing worn interior carpet is a major undertaking, so the floor mats are designed to take most of the wear. When the movement of your feet and the stains from dirt and mud have worn them out, it's easy to swap them out for a new set. Acura doesn't just design their floor mats to match the interior materials, they're built to fit the foot wells perfectly so they don't slip down and get caught on the gas and brake pedals. 

Remote Engine Start

Want to make your vehicle more comfortable? A remote start system lets you get the engine running without having to go out to the vehicle. This gives the engine time to warm up, and lets the climate control get the cabin to the right temperature, whether it's winter or summer.


Whether you're looking for something to accent the trunk or the bumpers, we have spoilers available pre-painted in factory colors for less preparation and quick installation. Have scraped up lower spoilers? We have replacement spoiler moldings.

Steering Wheels and Trim Pieces

Wear and tear can make the steering wheel and contact points of your interior look shabby after a few years, but it's easy to bring your interior back to life with some replacements. Want a new look? You can get everything you need to switch to a new finish like burlwood or mahogany.

Touch Up Paint

Have a small scratch that looks bad, but doesn't warrant a complete respray of a body panel? These bottles of touch up paint match Acura's factory colors, and they can be applied just like nail polish.


Want to keep your side windows or sunroof open, but hate it when rain drips in? These visors clip into the edge of the window moldings, deflecting wind and water so you can get more enjoyment from having the windows open.

Where to Get Factory Accessories for Your TL carries the full line of OEM Acura parts and accessories. Want to see what you can add to your sedan? Just enter your VIN or select your model from the menu on our front page, and you can see everything we offer for your vehicle. Already know what you want? You can search by part numbers and keywords like “spoiler.” Need to know more about a part? Contact us to talk to our staff of parts professionals.