Acura Catalytic Converters

Even with the precision engine controls of an Acura, unburnt fuel and other chemicals including carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide end up in the exhaust. To help reduce that pollution, your car comes equipped with one or more catalytic converters. These devices contain metals that help the exhaust react with oxygen and other chemicals to break down into less harmful substances like water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Catalytic converters can fail when dealing with excess amounts of fuel and oil caused by engine problems, clogging the catalyst and causing it to break apart, clogging the exhaust system.

If one of the converters in your Acura fails, get a replacement from Acura Parts Club. We carry catalytic converters for the full range of Acura models including the SLX, TSX and CL. Like all our parts, these converters are OEM, so they'll bolt right in and provide the performance your car needs to run right. To find the right part for your car, you can type the VIN into our search engine or put your vehicle information into the drop-down menu next to the search bar, and our site will find parts that will work with your application. We also have factory-trained parts experts on hand through our phone number and email to answer your questions.

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Catalytic Converter
Part Number: 18160-RN0-A00CC

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